Acuity PDR Portable X-Ray

The Acuity PDR has revolutionized diagnostic imaging with high quality x-ray imaging while maintaining an affordable price.

An Exceptional System That Is Lightweight and Portable

The Batt-A-Ray Clinical X-Ray System is capable of taking up to 160 exposures at full power and then recharging in just one hour.

Top Features Include

Excellent Battery 

Cutting edge wireless technology with a powerful lithium battery

10 minute rapid charge allows 50 exposures

Charger Info

Battery Charger 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Multiple Exposures

Over 300 exposures on a single charge


Digital Display for kV and mAs

Tech Specs

Max Output 2kW

40-100 kV auto-switching 20/25mA (50 mAs Max.)

Customized pre-programmed x-ray techniques

Memory Keys:16 Techniques


90 degree (+/-) rotating LED Laser Collimator

40" laser distance SID indicator and measuring tape

Doctor Xray Imagery Examination on the Laptop Computer.

The right x-ray package for you...

At Batt-A-Ray, LLC we design and build every x-ray package to meet your specific needs. Each one of our packages is inspected by the owner to ensure that it meets our very strict product guidelines.  Give us a call at 417-647-1386 to discuss your Batt-A-Ray Clinical X-Ray Package today.

Check out our 5kW option and all the amazing features it has to offer.

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