The Perfect Home Health Unit

The Batt-A-Ray Unit that innovates Home Healthcare X-Ray

At Batt-A-Ray we are familiar with the struggles you face in the Home Healthcare industry.  Batt-A-Ray X-Ray systems are completely battery powered, so you'll never be stuck searching for an outlet again.  Batt-A-Ray X-Ray systems are also incredibly lightweight while still having enough power to produce high quality images.  Pair with one of our Digital Radiography solutions to make sure you get full reimbursements.  Give us a call today at 417-647-1386 to find the X-Ray System to best fit your needs.

Healthcare Provider Friendly

The Batt-A-Ray X-Ray systems are incredibly versatile to fit whatever environment necessary.

Increased Productivity

The decreased weight of the Batt-A-Ray X-Ray systems makes getting a high quality image faster and easier.

Works In Any Home

With no need for line power, never worry about the age of the electrical lines again.

Save Time

With our Digital Radiography options save time in image development.  Sending an image to the doctor is even faster as well.


All Batt-A-Ray X-Ray systems are completely battery powered.

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